College Council 2012 Grant Application

“Thank you for your interest in the College Council’s grants. Grant recipients for the Fall semester have already been selected, but we invite you to apply for the next round of grants in the Spring.”



Thank you for your interest in a grant from the College Council. These grants are intended to
help undergraduate students fund scholarly projects. While independent research is the most
commonly underwritten type of proposal, we encourage you to apply even if your idea is not
entirely research-oriented. Any project proposal that would bolster the academic experience
of College students if funded will be seriously considered.

Grants will be given out on a rolling basis until the funds allotted for this semester have been
exhausted. There are no fixed sizes for the grants. After evaluating applications on a holistic
basis, the committee will allocate funds to deserving proposals in accordance with the parts
of the proposed budget that we believe the College can legitimately underwrite. Grant money
may be put toward a wide range of activities and expenses, but the money cannot be used for
tuition payments or any costs associated with structured programs.

In order to apply, please download the Application Form here. Please send
completed applications along with any questions or concerns to


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